Renovation of St. Clement’s University Competition

Type: open, 1-stage

Language: Macedonian

Registration fee: 25EUR

Eligibility: The bid applications from the foreign entries should be delivered in Macedonian or should be translated to Macedonian by an authorized translator.

1st Prize – 16,500EUR

27 July, 2009 – submission deadline

Design Challenge:
Proposal of an architectonic urban concept for renovation of St. Clement’s University at Plaoshnik in Ohrid (textual and graphic part).

Submission Requirements:
The submitted work should contain:
— site plan 1:500; plan of volumes in a wider location,
— site plan 1:200; organization of a parcel (ground floor with pedestrian surfaces, verdure, access for vehicles, …),
— floor plans 1:200; (ground and all other levels),
— sections 1:200,
— elevations 1:200,
— 3D representations; (exterior and interior),
— graphic explanation of the concept,
—    textual explanation of the concept.

The works shall be submitted in a paper format 70 x 100 cm packed in a sealed package.

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