Planning Competition for Technical University of Darmstadt

Type: open, 2-stage

Language: German

Eligibility: 4-EWG

1st Prize (2nd stage) – 44,000 EUR
2nd Prize – 29,000 EUR
3rd Prize – 20,000 EUR
4th Prize – 13,000 EUR
Citations in the amount of 26,500 EUR

24 July, 2009 – 1-stage submission deadline

Prof. Jörg Friedrich, Architekt
Prof. Gabriele Kiefer, Landschaftsarchitektin
Prof. Wolfgang Lorch, Architekt
Prof. Anke Mensing, Architektin
Prof. Helmut Raff, Architekt
Prof. Kunibert Wachten, Architekt/Stadtplaner
Prof. Sophie Wolfrum, Stadtplanerin.

Design Challenge:
This is planning competition for the Technical University lecture halls and media center. The goal of the competitive process is the conceptual prerequisites for sustainable development planning of the central area to a recognizable and functionally and structurally compacted “New Center”.

The departments and institutions should be planned with the lecture hall and media center and the remodeled open spaces for an encouragement of interaction among students and faculty.

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