Development of the Historical Site of Tripureshwor Mahadev Competition

Sponsor: Human Environmental League for Preservation – Nepal

Language: English and all official EU languages

Type: 1-stage, open

Registration fee: none

Eligibility: EU architects, structural and environmental engineers, engineering and architectural companies

1st Prize – 4,500EUR

19 August, 2009 – submission deadline
3 October 2009 – winner announced

Design Challenge:

The project aims to return the monumental compound to its fundamental role as a driving force in the economic, social and environmental development of the whole area. Said intervention is the occasion to re-organize an abandoned historical site, providing infrastructures and different services that can be of use to the residential areas nearby.

The temple will be used as a shelter for about 200 street children; its objective will be to give assistance, hospitality, education, professional training, psychological support, and provide an area for recreational activities and sports. The aim of the Commissioning Body is the restoration and requalification of the TRIPURESHWOR MAHADEV building and the surrounding area in order to boost the development of Kathmandu city centre, according to standards of social and environmental sustainability.

The TRIPURESHWOR MAHADEV building must be endowed with:
-aggregational, social and cultural services destined to the local community and able to enhance its standard of living
-areas that will allow the Centre to house a historical archive, become an educational and research centre, and be the venue for cultural and commercial events, with all due respect to the historical and environmental characteristics.

The area is approximately 12.000 square meters wide, spread on different levels, as shown in the photographs and plans available for consultation at the Department of Structural Engineering of the University of Naples Federico II.

Submission Requirements:
-a descriptive report of the final project. The report, of no more than twenty single face pages in A4 format, must include a general report and the necessary technical and specialist reports
-graphic works, in A1 tables
-metric estimates
-economic framework
-framework of the workforce needed and how it is distributed in the different parts of the activity (expressed in percentage)

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