New Look of Vydrica





Vydrica, a.s.; Zillion a.s.; Slovak Chamber of Architects


Open, international, anonymous, 2-stage, RfP


Bratislava, Republic of Slovak


Slovak, English


04 Sep 2007 – Registration Deadline

04 Sep 2007 – Stage 1 Submission Deadline


“all who are interested in to offer their ideological view, while it is not necessary to be a professional architect”


Composed of representatives of the investor – Vydrica, a.s., developer – Zillion a.s., then, of the representatives of the Main Architect of the City of Bratislava, Ing. Arch. Michal Bogár, the representative of the professional guarantee of the Competition, the Slovak Chamber of Architects – Ing. Arch. Karol Hoffman.

From abroad, the invited Jury members are: arcchitect Eva Jifiiãná from UK, architect Peter Gero from Hamburg, born in Bratislava, for the Czech Chamber of Architects – architekt Ludvik Grym, originally from Kremnica.

Professional consultants: Ing. Arch. Andrej Petrek – major of the Old Town city quarter of Bratislava, a historian Dr. Viktor Ferus, specialist of the Regional Monument Protection Office for the area of the Hill-Fort.


1st Prize – 500,000 Sk

2nd Prize – 300,000 Sk

3rd Prize – 200,000 Sk




Five Architectonical Competitions were announced from July 16, 2007 to solve the logical fundamentals of Vydrica city quarter within particular urban blocks.

Revitalization of Vydrica, a territory of the abolished part of former Bratislava’s Hill-Fort, is a great challenge for architects and investors already for decades, not only because of its unique location, but also because it is a part of “genius loci” of our metropolis. Nowadays, this secularly unused territory is almost empty, covered by weed vegetation, and waits for its rebirth. Its time has come.

We are expecting proposals of particular complexes with commercial, residential, administrative program, containing aesthetic and sophisticated urban features.

The Jury will decide upon the number of participants, which will access the second round of the Competition. In this round, participants will submit, again anonymously, their architectonical proposals worked out more in detail.