eVolo: 07 Housing Architectural Competition


1st Prize

Eduardo Mclntosh (United States, Architect)

2nd Prize

Tat Lam (United States, Architecture Student)

3rd Prize

Marcin pilsniak (Poland, Architect)


Anna Rita Emili, Barbara Pellegrino, massimo llardi (Italy, Altro_Studio)

YeaHwa Kim, Ji Young Kim (Unite States, Graduate Student)

Kyuseon Hong, Kyungjae Kim, Yongju Lee (Unite States, Graduate Student)

Darren Chan (UK, Architect)

Anton Markus Pasing (Germany, Architect)

Airason Heard (Unite States, Graduate Student)

Jason Paul Lvaliotis, Yelena Baybus (United States, Architect)

Nathan Miller (Unite States, Graduate Student)

Erick Cárcamo (United States, Architect)

Gustav Fagerström (UK, Post Graduate)

Dr Hee Limin, Seet Wei Chung Luther, Daniel Wong Kin Heng, Slow Zhi Xiang (Singapore, Architect)



TYPE: Open, international, anonymous, ideas



07 May 2007 – Inquiries Deadline

21 May 2007 – Answers Posted

10 Jul 2007 – Registration Deadline

17 Jul 2007 – Submission Deadline

31 Jul 2007 – Winners Announced

ELIGIBILITY: all students, architects, engineers, and designers

JURY: Winners of the 07 Skyscraper Competition and two experts TBA


1st Prize – $2,000

2nd Prize – $1,000

3rd Prize – $500

FEE: $40


The idea of the competition is to provide new housing ideas that will improve, adapt, and transform our society. Competitors are invited to rethink our needs for the XXI Centurty taking in consideration, economic, social, and cultural condiditions. The architectural proposals should engage different scales, its integration to the urban fabric and its repsonses to domestic life. The idea is to produce new housing typologies that will blur the boundaries of our society. There must be a dialogue between the public and private, permanent and temporal, wealthy and poor. Designs could explore the restoration and improvement of an old neighborhood or the development of a new one. Participants should research on new technologies and material that would make their proposals sustainable, ecological, progressive, and innovative. There are no restrictions on site, program, and size. The idea is to provide the maximum freedom to the designers to express their creativity and design the new housing for the XXI Century.


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