Sustainable housing development in Lawrenny, Pembrokeshire

Sustainable housing development in Lawrenny, Pembrokeshire

RfQ, invited

29 April 2008 – Expression of Interest deadline

Sponsor: Lawrenny Enterprises, Pembrokeshire, U.K.

Type: RfQ, invited

Eligibility: The selection process is open to UK and overseas registered architects.  Overseas candidates should demonstrate their ability to deliver the project from within the UK.

Compensation: Each team will receive £4,000 (+VAT) to develop a design proposal


29 April 2008 – Expression of Interest deadline


The proposed relocation of the Lawrenny Home Farm operation away from the centre of the village provides an exciting opportunity for a development of affordable and sustainable homes. The local development plan has identified the Old Home Farm as a site for new homes. This site would potentially increase the population of the village by as much as 80%.  This will provide a much-needed boost for the local community, including the village shop that has in the past struggled to survive.

Additional information about the project is available from:

Design Challenge:

To design a development that whilst appropriate to its context can be seen as a natural progression of rural design in the 21st Century, rather than seeking to replicate or offer a pastiche of the ‘Lawrenny style’.

To further enhance the existing settlement with amenity spaces for all.

Design homes that will be sustainable and incorporate eco-friendly, energy efficient technologies in their construction and use.  The designs should seek to conserve energy/resources by embracing practical, affordable initiatives to share heat, generate micro-power and minimise waste.   The homes within the scheme should look to achieve Level 5 of the Code for Sustainable Homes as a minimum, and if achievable, a carbon neutral development.

Provide a range of affordable and family homes to meet the local housing needs, which could include accommodation for outright sale, as well as for shared ownership and/or rental.

Create homes that are conducive to a general feeling of wellbeing and provide flexible accommodation to meet future changes in the way people live and work in rural communities.

Achieve a development that whilst not looking to maximise profit from the site, will need to temper a sustainable, affordable development based on sound economics, having regard to the special requirements of the site.

Engage and liaise with local residents and statutory bodies to take the scheme forward post competition.

Incorporate some form of interpretation of the new development that will inform any visitors to the village who come in hope of finding an exemplar of best practice.

Budget for the development (including professional fees) is anticipated to be in the region of GBP £3m.  The intention is to commission the winning team to develop their design proposal to make a planning application.  Subject to planning permission being granted, the intention is to retain the winning team through to project completion.


The competition will take the form of an Invited Design Competition, preceded by a ‘trawl of interest’.  Up to eight teams will be long-listed and invited to attend a short interview to enable the client to learn more about each team, their initial thoughts about the project and to explore potential working relationships.  Four teams will then be short-listed and invited to proceed to the design phase of the competition.

Entries should be sent addressed to:

Lawrenny Housing Competition

RIBA Competitions Office

6, Melbourne Street



All enquiries regarding the competition should be made to the RIBA Competitions Office:

T:    +44(0)113-234-1335

F:    +44(0)113-246-0744