Espoo City Hall and City Centre Blocks

Espoo City Hall and City Centre Blocks

Open, international, RfP

Espoo, Finland

01 Apr 2008 – Registration Deadline

01 Apr 2008 – Submission Deadline


City of Espoo


Open, international, RfP


Espoo, Finland


English, Finnish


01 Apr 2008 – Registration Deadline

01 Apr 2008 – Submission Deadline


Licensed architects worldwide


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Espoo City Hall has reached the end of its technical and functional lifespan. In various studies of the need for repairs, the level of repairs needed in the renovation of City Hall varies between 100% and 110%. In practice, the fundamental improvement of City Hall at its current site would mean building a new building. Therefore, it is worth studying what benefits the possibility of moving the building from its present location and form would bring from the point of view of the whole adjoining office complex area. The first phase of the renovation will be followed later by the renovation of office building 1 and the partial renovation of office building 2, the possible construction of residential units near the office complex, and the rearrangement of parking partly as underground parking. On 21 March 2007, the Department of Industry and Employment decided that an international idea competition on the office complex area will be organized to develop the office complex.

The aim of the first phase of the design is to find a solution to the basic question of how City Hall will be renovated. The competition will also seek a long-term overall solution and implementation path for the office complex, which is in need of change. The area will be developed and renovated for the people of Espoo as an area of blocks in the city centre that offer versatile municipal and commercial services and where residential housing plays a key role. The office complex to be renovated is being developed in phases over a long period of time and many sub-phases are needed to complete the design process.


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