Volume 3, Number 3 (Fall 1993)


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  • Reversing the Process of Fragmentation: Blacksburg Seeks to Establish a Physical Town Center by Donna Dunay and Frank Weiner
  • Spreebogen Typologies: Jury Reconvenes to Confirm Winner by Karen Van Lengen
  • No Time to Sit on the Fence: Does Enclosure Equal Paradise Lost? by Barbara Sauffacher Solomon
  • Culture Comes to Manhattan: Moore/Anderson to Design New Kansas State University Museum of Art
  • The Electric Vehicle Competition and the American Community by Steven G. Cecil
  • Architecture as a Social Tool: Chicago Tribune Housing Competition by Stanley Collyer
  • A New Entrance for Cranbrook: The Problem of Symbolism by Susan Rademacher
  • Interview: Paul Spreiregen with Stanley Collyer