Primary School in Senegal


Sponsor: Kaira Looro Competition
Type: International, open, ideas
Eligibility: Participants must be between ages of 18-25 (Lead architects who can communicate with client must be 35 years of age or less)

Fees and timetable:
– Early registration €60/team (ends 28/02/2023)
– Normal registration €90/team (ends 9/04/2023)
– Late registration €120/team (ends 15/05/2023)
11 June 2023 – Deadline for project submission
1st prize – €5,000 and internship at Kengo Kuma Architects
2nd prize – €2,000 and Internship at EMBT Architects
3rd prize – €1,000 and internship at SBGA/Blengini Gharardelli
Honorable Mentions and SpecialMentions
Purpose of the competition:

To address the lack and quality of school facilities in Sub-Saharan Africa
Specifications for the school:

  1. Classrooms. There must be six classrooms with an average of 25 students each.
    Offices. There should be offices for management, and a meeting room for the teaching staff.
  2. Laboratory area. There should be a flexible space for organizing recreational activities and laboratories for the students.
    Sickroom. There will be an environment for dealing with student injuries or illnesses.
  3. Canteen. A space is to be set aside for the preparation and provi- sion of meals for underprivileged students.
    Storage. There should be a storage room for school materials and equipment. 20
  4. Toilets. Facilities for students and school staff will have to be provi- ded.

The design must comply with the following characteristics:
– Maximum indoor area of 650 m2 for the previous areas;
– Ground floor only. Upper floors are therefore not permitted;
– The total cost of building materials alone (earth, concrete, wood, etc.) must not exceed €70,000;
– Give preference to the use of natural materials available in the surrounding areas, scrap and recycled materials;
– Promote sustainable and environmentally friendly construction te- chnologies;
– Be easily self-constructed, with unskilled personnel and without the use of heavy vehicles;
– The design of electrical, water and furniture installations is not requi- red;
– No territorial framework is required;
– The design of surrounding areas and the street is not required.

Participants will be sent (after registration) additional materials neces- sary for the development of the project:
– Factsheets, prices and pictures of the main materials;
– Images of schools and homes in rural settings;

For list of jurors and more information, go to: Looro 2023.pdf