Seoul Metropolitan Library Competition (Seodaemun)



Competition managers: Urban Space Planning Division
Competition type: General Design Contest
(Education and research facilities)
Fee: none
Languages: English and Korean
Jury: TbD
Project Scope and type:
Location: 479 Buggajwa-dong, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul
Size: 3,486.8 sq.m
Estimated / Construction cost – 41,778 million KRW ($31M)
Expected Construction Start and End Date
Design Fee Budget
2,117 million KRW ($1.687M)
12 July 2022 – Competition launch
26 Aug 2022 (17:00) – Registration deadline

Competition website: – inbox/FMfcgzGpGnKQBxcWRTSlCVfqVmbRZsGc