Arquine Competition No. 24 | MEXTRÓPOLI 2022 Pavilion

Sponsor: Arquine
Type: International, one-stage, anonymous + construction
Eligibility: Architects, students of architecture
Language: English
30 November 2021 – 1st registration deadline (USD60)
1 Dec 2021 – 1 Jan 2022 = 2nd registration deadline (USD75)
(fees also valid for teams)
10 January 2022 – Submission deadline
Jury: to be announced on 30 October 2021
1st Prize – USD4,938 + construction of the pavilion
2nd Prize – USD2,500
3rd Prize – USD 1,250
Design Challenge:
The International Architecture Competition Arquine calls for the design and build of a pavilion that temporarily can be inserted in the city, able to generate from its own discourse a sustainable approach, which contemplates an open public program, and build a place for interaction between architecture and the public.

Participants must design a structure that complies with the requirements that specify the rules of this competition in terms of time, cost and characteristics. The MEXTRÓPOLI Pavilion will become the benchmark per se of each edition of the Festival of Architecture and City.

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