International Competition for the Development Plan of the Old HANGLAS Site


Sponsor: DONGIL Construction
Organizer: Korean Institute of Architects, Busan Chapter
Type: Open, International, firms with qualifications
Official languages: English and Korean
Eligibility: Professional architects
Participation only for professional domestic and international architects, experts, or enterprises in urban design or landscaping. Regarding prticipation as a team: the maximum number of members is 5 (including entrants listed as an enterprise)
Location: Busan, Korea

Fees: none
Submissions: Digital format
2 June 2021 – Q&A period ends
21 June 2021 – Registration deadline
12 July 2021 – Submission deadline
19 July 2021 – Winner announcement
1st place winner (1)
Being the preferred bidder to provide services for the establishment of the development plan  (Concept design service expenses for the project site development plan – 300,000,000 KRW = approx. US$267,000)
2nd place winner (1) 50,000,000 KRW = approx. US$45,000
3rd place winner (1) 30,000,000 KRW = approx. US$27,000
Jury: The Main Review Committee consists of architecture and urban planning experts, and will be announced on the website( two weeks before the entry submission deadline.
Design Challenge:

∘ The site is currently being prepared for the establishment of a prenegotiated district unit plan that responds to progressive societal changes and contemporary social demands. The goal is to modify the

usage purpose of the site from that of a general manufacturing area to a quasi-residential and general commercial site, in order to create a tourism-focused cultural complex that can function as an axis of

marine cultural tourism in the eastern Busan region. All relevant development plans have been requested regarding land use.
The objective of this competition is to select a specialized enterprise that is able to develop innovative, contemporary and creative ideas, and to carry out the required services for establishment of the development plan of the old HANGLAS site.

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