New and Re-Design of the University of Klagenfurt Campus


Sponsor: Graz Regional University Area Contracts
Facilitator: BIG 

Type of Competition: RfQ, limited
Eligibility: EWG qualified firms
Language: German
Numbers of firms to be shortlisted: 20
8 February 2021 – Application deadline
Awards: yes
• Rektor Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Oliver VITOUCH
• Vizerektor Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Reinhard STAUBER
• Architekt Mag.-arch. Alfred BERGER
• DI Maximilian PAMMER
• DI Gabriele LEITNER
• Mag. Barbara HEINRICH
• DI Georg WALD
• Architekt DI Peter RIEPL
• Architekt DI Gerhard SAILER
• Architektin MMag. Sonja GASPARIN
To obtain documents for participation: