Haifa Award: Phoenix Prize:
Reconstruction of Beirut Port


Sponsor: Haifa Award
Language: English
Eligibility: International, for professional architects who hold an accredited architectural degree in their country – no geographic restrictions
Fees and Timetable:
30 December 2020 – Early bird registration deadline (€120)
7 January 2021 – Q&A deadline
20 February 2021 – Late registration (€150)
10 April 2021 – Deadline for submissions

1st Prize – €7,000
2nd Prize – €4,000
3rd Prize – €2,000
2 Honorable Mentions
Summary of submission requirements:
Two (2) A0 landscape-orientated presentation plates (min 300 dpi)
The  Phoenix  Prize  seeks  for  architectural  excellence,  and  to  evoke  innovative  minds,  worldwide, to rebuild the Port of Beirut and bring it back to the people, revamped, and recaptured.  It aims at creating innovative and groundbreaking ideas that redefine the magnetic aura of the city, and evolving it from spaces of “Sallowness and Risk” to spaces of “Trust”. 

For more information and to register: