Day Care Center for 80 Infants


Type: open, international, anonymous
Location: Berlin, Germany
Language: German
Fee: none (€10 for non-EU members for documents)
Eligibility: Architects and Landscape architects
(Winning architects/landscape architects must show a minimum of qualifications with experience in order to receive the commission)
12 October 2020 – Q & A deadline
7 December 2020 – Submission deadline
1 st Prize – €18,000
2 nd Prize – €11,000
3 rd Prize – €7,000
Honorable mentions (2) – €4,500 each
– Prof. Cordula Loidl-Reisch/Landschaftsarchitektin, Vienna
– Laura Fogarasi-Ludloff/Architektin, Ludloff Ludloff Architekten
GmbH, Berlin
– Matthias Siegert/Architekt, VON M GmbH, Stuttgart
– Regine Schineis/Architektin, hiendl_schineis
Architektenpartnerschaft, Passau, Germany
– Minka Kersten/Architektin, Kersten Kopp Architekten GmbH, Berlin
Scope of project:
The project foresees a building together with the surrounding land to accommodate 80 children, 32 of which will be in cribs. Besides the architectural expression and ability to meet a budget, the designs will also be judged on the basis of their ecological quality and sustainability. A building using wood as the primary material is recommended.
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