Architecture and Urbanism Beyond COVID 19 Open Call for Collaborative Research & Proposal


Organizers: Korean Institute of Architects
Type: International, open, ideas
Languages: Korean and English
Fees: None
30 September 2020 – Key Concepts Submissions
13 October 2020 – Research and Proposals (5 teams)
30 November 2020 – Final submissions
Awards: total available 50M KRW($42,000)
This Open Call is operated in process-type. In the time of COVID-19, we aim to establish a global open platform where professionals, researchers and interested citizens connect, communicate and together reflect on their respective architectural and urban crises. In addition, to draw the topography of the crisis of the living environment and new challenges in cooperation and alliance through the open platform. This cooperation and alliance’s platform is called What is To be Asked platform (WTA platform).
– WTA platform is open for everyone. All platform participants to submit questions, related architectural/ city observation image, #keyword related to COVID19 situation in their resident city.
– Participants who respond to [Research & Proposal] in the Open Call, other participants or interested citizens can communicate by information sharing, discussion on topics and cooperative networking, and through these actions to develop and submit [Key Concepts].
– The selected [Key Concepts] individuals or teams will be assigned to individual discussion board and to communicate with various participants on the platform and publish their result by developing the topic in [Research & Proposal].

Through participation registration on Open Call entitles participation on WTA platform, adding of new team member or team formation among participants is feasible before [Key Concepts] submission deadline. We encourage active collaboration between different fields to respond to this complex crisis of architecture and city caused by COVID19.

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