Reimagining Brooklyn Bridge Finalists


Sponsor’s Statement (Van Alen Institute)
Reimagining Brooklyn Bridge, our design competition presented in collaboration with the New York City Council, challenges participants to rethink the iconic Brooklyn Bridge walkway. As made even more clear by the pandemic, the design of our streets and shared spaces must be responsive to the present moment and work to correct past injustices. They must foster equitable, accessible, and sustainable transportation options, create a healthy and safe environment for all New Yorkers, and opportunities for small businesses and vendors to flourish.
The Brooklyn Bridge has the potential to serve as a testing ground for designs that serve our communities in need — not just in an imagined, idealistic future — but now. With these considerations at heart, the six finalist proposals are a compelling and optimistic set of ideas for responsive short-term interventions and longer-term, large-scale reconfigurations of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Finalists: Professionals
Back to the Future
BIG + ARUP; New York

Bridge X
ScenesLab + Minzi Long + Andrew Nash; New York, Boston, and Vienna

Brooklyn Bridge Forest
Pilot Projects Design Collective, Cities4Forests, Wildlife Conservation Society, Grimshaw and Silman; New York and Montreal

Finalists: Young Adults
The Artery
Lukas Kugler; New Milford, CT

The Cultural Current
Aubrey Bader and Maggie Redding; Knoxville, TN

Do Look Down
Shannon Hui, Kwans Kim, and Yujin Kim; Hong Kong, Bay Area, CA, and New York