Sponsor: The Département of the Alpes-Maritimes, France

Type: Open, international

To professionals: – Landscape architects, landscapers, landscaping companies and landscape gardeners; – Architects, designers, artists, developers, scenographers, decorators. 
To students involved in the final year of the Landscape Architecture School.
Languages: French and English
10 July 2020 – Documents submission 

The Technical Selection Committee will meet 7th September 2020, to select the 17 agreed projects and 4 replacement projects, and to allocate the plots.
1. Supporting documents:

¬ Administrative data (Annex 1) with :

• Competitor’s full details (project leader) representing the whole team, who will be the referent for the Département, and will collect the Département’s allowance; • The presentation of the team members who will realise the creation;

• The last-3-year achievements to appreciate the previously created gardens quality of design and realization.

¬ Competitor’s (project leader) Kbis extract and if the project is submitted by a group in co-operative forms the statutes of the co-operative. For student applicants: Certificates showing that student members of the team are enrolled in the last year of National School of Architecture and Landscape.
2. Project presentation file:

¬ Project summary sheet with a sketch (annex 2) presenting the designed landscaping contest project and pointing out the attractive and spectacular appearance of the garden, the originality, the adequacy with the theme, the environmental impact and the compliance with safety rules;

¬ List of the plants and of the materials envisaged (estimate in quantities);

¬ Projected ground plan in colour (scale 1/50°) indicating the planting plan, the foreseen materials, the accesses (entrance / exit), the visitors flow within the garden;

¬ Location plan, longitudinal section and transverse section (1/50° scale). Other plans can be attached (axonometry, perspective plan…);

¬ Provisional budget by object of expenditure (accommodation, labour, equipment rental, supplies…).
The contest is launched by the Département des Alpes-Maritimes as part of the “Côte d’Azur Gardens Festival”. Managed by the “Europe and Tourism Unit” with the partnership of the municipalities hosting the creations, it is intended to reward the landscape creation winner elected by the members of the jury. 
For the 2021 edition, the creations made by national and international teams will be spread among 6 sites within the “Côte d’Azur” with day free public access, throughout the Festival duration. Each municipality will host 2 to 3 “pop-up” ephemeral gardens, for a total of 17 creations From the 27th of March till the 28th of April 2021.

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