New Student ‘Hub’ on the University of Leeds Western Campus

Sponsor: University of Leeds
Type: RfQ, Expressions of Interest
Location: Leeds, U.K.
Process: A minimum of five (5) teams will be selected to participate in the Tender (Competition) phase
Language: English
Competition organizer: RIBA
15 July 2019 – Expressions of Interest deadline

The three-storey building, of approximately 4,000 square metres, will meet a critical need for a range of quiet study, social and peer learning spaces on this part of campus. The style of space and furnishings will create a comfortable, creative and flexible environment which meets the varied study and working needs of students, and supports their success. Such facilities are important for all our students, but for those from disadvantaged backgrounds they are particularly critical, providing an academic ‘home’ with essential learning resources and social facilities to hand.
The Student Hub Building will also incorporate several innovative teaching spaces, designed for a mix of instruction, group learning and interaction. Such flexible spaces are ideally designed for the popular enterprise and innovation modules, which are led by the Business School but studied by students across all subject areas. These versatile spaces can also be used, outside of core teaching hours, for a range of co-curricular events, talks and networking sessions – including activities for scholarship students, visiting speakers, educational outreach and summer schools. The design of the building will accordingly be considered for early opening and very late closure times.

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