SHINKENCHIKU Residential Design Competition 2019 Theme: Living in the Future


Ideas Competition / Open to Students


International, Ideas, Open





Registration Deadline

9 September 2019

Submission Deadline

9 September 2019 (via Online)



Fee: none
• Nader Tehrani
• Mark Lee
• Lisa Iwamoto
•Barbara Bestor
• Cristina Parreño Alonso
Professional adviser: Alan Goldberg
What will the future look like? How can architects design dwellings to meet evolving living patterns and the challenges of the future? This competition offers the contestant the opportunity to answer these questions. The contestant will be asked to design dwellings that take a bold social and environmentally sustainable view of the future.
70 years ago, New Canaan’s Mid Century architects faced similar questions. To these architects who practiced during that period, Mid-Century Modern was more than a style. It was a social, and even a political movement. They believed that the architecture they practiced offered new ideas for living that were more advanced and better suited for the times than the architecture that preceded them. By creating more efficient and scientific households, they thought of houses as “Machines for Living,” a term that became popular at the time. (a+u 19:05)
Now, more than 70 years later, it is time to re-examine the criteria on which the success of housing is formed, both from a programming, architectural and urbanistic point of view. In order to look to the future, one must not only understand the successes and failures of the past, but also be able to gauge what are some of the urgencies of the present.
An international jury panel made of prominent architects and academics will fairly and methodically judge the submissions. Winning entries will be displayed in the exhibit Beyond the Glass House: New Canaan Modern House 1947–1979 that opens in Cooper Union in New York January 2020.
-Alan Goldberg