Plastic Monument



Sponsor: Bio-On

Organizer: Young Architects Competitions

Type: International, open, one-stage (realization!)

Eligibility: architects, designers, students, graduates, postgraduates, professionals


12 May 2019 – Early bird registration ends (€60 team)
9 June 2019 – Standard registration ends (€85 team)
7 July 2019 – Late registration ends (€110 team)
10 July 2019 – Submission deadline

  • Kengo Kuma
    • Mandy Barker
    • Maria Cristina Finucci
    • Italo Rota
    • Carlo Ratti
    • Marco Astorri (Bio-On)
    • Marco Cattaneo (National Geographic)
    • Fabio Roversi Monaco (Genus Bononiae)
    • Marco Imperadori (Politecnico di Milano)
    1st prize – €8,000
    2nd prize – €4,000
    3rd prize – €2,000
    Gold Mentions(2) – €500
    Design Challenge:
    Plastic Monument offers architects the opportunity to play a key role in raising awareness. Plastic Monument will create an object to show the world the consequences of disposable culture. It will be the ambassador of a renewed attention on the effects of our choices. It will denounce the disaster caused by the superficiality and bulimia of modern man. However, it will also be the new foundation to protect our planet.

For more information and to enter, go to: