2018 Chicago Prize Competition: Crossing the Line

Organizers: The Chicago Architectural Club

Competition Type: Open, Ideas, International

Location: Chicago, Illinois USA

Eligibility: The 2018 Chicago Prize Competition is open to anyone with a vision for Crossing the Line: students, architects, landscape architects, urban designers, planners, designers and artists.

27 December, 2018 – Early Registration deadline
21 January, 2019 – Registration and Submission deadline

1st Prize: $1,500
2nd Prize: $1,000
3rd Prize: $500
Honorable mentions may be awarded at the 
discretion of the jury but will receive no cash prize.

Design Challenge:
Chicago is a product of its lines – lines that conceptually and physically demarcate, regulate, contain, separate , and knit together our physical environment. These seams and boundaries, through their thickness and content, have the power to both connect and divide. Some lines, like the invisible one that Eugene Williams inadvertently crossed, segregate groups of people to devastating effect without leaving a physical trace. Others, such as those encircling parishes and neighborhoods, bring people together and foster identities that remain strong even after the lines themselves disappear from maps. Ward and police district boundaries can determine the distribution of power and resources between communities. Zoning boundaries separate the cityscape into distinct parcels, their character and growth set into motion by planners for decades to come. Revitalized infrastructural lines, such as the 606, are a magnet for visitors and investors, setting off a ripple of urban regeneration along their length.

Crossing the Line will investigate these lines and many others, and the issues they raise in the city of Chicago.

For more information, go to: chicagoarchitecturalclub.org/2018-Chicago-Prize