The Activation of the Kazan City Urban Functions on the Volga River Bend


Sponsor(s): Union of Moscow Architects, Union of Architects of the Republic of Tatarstan.
Type: Open, international, one-stage
Languages: English
Fee: €80
Eligibility: Architects residing in the EU

17 August 2018 – Registration Deadline
20 August 2018 – Q&A deadline
21 September 2018 – Submission deadline
First Prize – 300 000 rubles $4,750 USD (includes all applicable taxes),
Second Prize – 200 000 rubles (includes all applicable taxes),
Two Third Prizes – 100 000 rubles each (include all applicable taxes).

Note: The winner of the competition will have the opportunity to negotiate a contract with Kazan City officials.
Design Challenge:
The primary task formulated for the Competition participants is to suggest a conceptual solution demonstrating a contemporary approach to the complex development of the introduced site and its transformation into the new spaces with elements of the public, tourist, and recreational infrastructure.

Kazan is a large city in the Volga region with a picturesque landscape and a rich variety of coastal zones. The embankment in a complex with a river facade forms the river gate to the city.   However, inefficient use in combination with various unfavourable factors leads to the isolation of the coastal zones from the city itself and turns them – instead of being potential points of attraction – into desolate spaces with an unfavourable environment.

The Locomotive Peninsula was formed as a result of land flooding by the waters of the artificial Kuibyshev Reservoir in 1957. To protect the city, the dams were built.

A pedestrian embankment was arranged together with the places for a mass recreation of the population.

Over the years, the territory has fallen into decay and lost its attractiveness because of the isolation produced by railways. Today its use is limited.


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