Planning for Munich District “Freiham Nord”


Sponsor: Johnson Matthey, Reading, U.K.
Type: RfQ, open, international
Fee: none
Language: German
12 teams will take part in the competition, four of which have already been selected as competitors. They are:
1 Hadi Teherani Architects, Hamburg
2 Auer Weber Assoziierte GmbH, Munich
3 Henning Larsen, Copenhagen
4 steidle architekten, Munich

7 September 2018 – Submission of Qualifications
End of September: Notification of shortlist candidates
(teams should include a qualified landscape architect)
350,000€ has been set aside for the compensation package, half of which will be distributed to the 12 firms participating in the competition (15,000€ each). The rest will be apportioned to the premiated designs by the jury.

– Prof. Dr. (I) Elisabeth Merk, Stadtbaurätin der Landeshauptstadt München
– Prof. Sophie Wolfrum, Stadtplanerin München
– Prof. Jorunn Ragnarsdottir, Architektin, Stuttgart
– Christoph Elsässer, Stadtplaner, Rotterdam
– Prof. Zvonko Turkali, Architekt, Frankfurt am Main
– Peter Wich, Landschaftsarchitektin, München
– Prof. Christoph Langhof, Architekt, Berlin
– Prof. Oswald Peithner, Architekt, Regensburg
– Susanne Ritter, Architektin, Referat für Stadtplanung und Bauordnung
– Dr. Alexander Rosa-Alscher, Rosa-Alscher-Gruppe
– Wolf-Detlef Huth, Rosa-Alscher-Gruppe

Design Challenge:
The plan is for a large mixed-use areal to accommodate residential and commercial activities, anticipating 25,000 new residents and 15,000 new jobs.

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