New Urban Centre of Veliko Tarnovo

Master Plan for the area of the Old Military School and Architecture design (concept) of an Exposition Centre Building

Sponsors: Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo
Type: Open, International, anonymous, single stage
Languages: English and Bulgarian
Eligibility: Teams must have at least one licensed architect
Fees: none
20 July 2018 – Submission deadline
Total Award Fund: €75,000
1st Prize – €25,000
2nd Prize – €15,000
3rd Prize – €10,000
Five purchases @€5,000 each
Jury: TBD
Design Challenge:
The task is to develop a New Urban Center (NUC), which will provide conditions for various forms of public life and public events of city, regional, national and international scale. The aim is to gather design ideas for the NUC on two different design levels:

Master Plan (concept) for the entire area of the NUC, which offers a spatial development and build-up proposal in terms of dimensions, space and function;

Architecture Design (concept) of an ExpositionCentre building–designed as part of the proposed Master Plan.

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