LOI 130 – Real Estate Complex for the European Commission in Brussels



Sponsor: European Commission UIA
Type: International, RfQ, two-stage
Process: From 30 teams selected to present their ideas in a first phase, 10 teams will be selected to participate in phase two. From the competition phase, three finalist teams will be selected.
Language: English

Eligibility: EU member states and non-EU countries having access to EU procurement procedures.
Fee: none
4 May 2018 – Deadline for receipt of qualifications
19 June 2019 – End of phase 3

Total of 900,000 Euro for honoraria and prizes:
300,000 Euro honoraria in Stage 1;
300,000 Euro honoraria in Stage 2;
300,000 Euro for prizes
The Rue de la Loi is the main axis of the European Quarter and currently consists mainly of office buildings. In line with the 2008 masterplan adopted by the Brussels Authorities to improve the urban quality of the area, this office district is to be transformed into a neighborhood where offices, housing, retail and public spaces coexist harmoniously. The Loi 130 redevelopment project will enable the European Commission to contribute to the urban face-lift of the area where its headquarters are located.

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