Gladstone’s Living Heritage – Invited Design Competition


Sponsor: RIBA

Type: Invited

Location: Gladstone’s Library, North Wales, UK

Eligibility: Applications are invited in accordance with the requirements set out in the Briefing information and accompanying Selection Questionnaire, which is available from

Awards: An equal honorarium of GBP £4,000 (+VAT) will be paid to each of shortlisted teams.

10 April 2018 – Application deadline
19 June 2018 – Submission deadline

Design Challenge:

Gladstone’s Library is seeking submissions for an Invited Design Competition from architect–led teams with exceptional design skills for a prestigious new building and re-development of the existing Grade I listed building and its landscape. A shortlist of five teams will be chosen by an Evaluation Panel.

William Ewart Gladstone (1809 1898) was the single most significant political figure of the Nineteenth Century. He founded the library in 1889 as a centre for debate, research and comment on the political, spiritual and cultural values he stood for.

The client would like to develop the Library in order to promote wider engagement with the liberal values that lay at the heart of Gladstone’s life and work. The new building must be complementary to, but quite different from, the Victorian library building; a flexible, contemporary space will enable the expansion of the public programme including lectures and debates.

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