Bay Book House San Francisco


Sponsor: Arquideas
Type: International, open, one-stage

Eligibility: Students and young architects

Early registration: (from January 22, 2018 to March 9, 2018)

50 € individual registration
75 € team registration (from 2 to 4 members)
Regular registration: (from March 10, 2018 to April 13, 2018)

75 € individual registration
100 € team registration (from 2 to 4 members)
1st prize – €3,750
2nd prize – €1,500
3rd prize – €625
27 April 2018 – Deadline for submissions
Design Challenge:
The objective of this competition for students of architecture and young architects, Bay Book House (BaBH) San Francisco, consists in proposing a space for cultural exchange that will activate one or several of the unused piers of the historic Port of San Francisco.

Thanks to its privileged location, the proposed space will seek to become an international  meeting point for students and researchers, as well as for lovers of culture and general knowledge, where consultation, open-air reading or technological innovation will attract inhabitants or visitors.

The BaBH aspires to be the future of traditional libraries, an evolution in the how we understand, use and enjoy this source of knowledge, a museum of (not) books adapted to today’s world, and where culture becomes a unique sensory experience.

In a city filled with iconic images known around the world, this new space should become the new cultural reference of San Francisco, the flagship of the strong shoreline that is currently flowering.
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