Charlottesville BDA Prize: Identity and Design

Sponsor: Bushman Dreyfus Architects 
Type: open, international, one-stage, public art
Eligibility: no restrictions
Fee: none

Location: The Mall, Charlottesville, VA
2/22/2018 – Registration deadline
2/23/2018 – Submission deadline
4/10/2018 – Announcement of winners
1st Prize – $5,000
(2) Finalists – $1,000
Community Choice Award – $1,000
Submission requirement: a 30”x40” poster, non-digital
• Beth Meyer – landscape architect and former Dean, UVA School of Architecture
• Maurice Cox – Planning Director, City of Detroit
• Dr. Andrea Douglas – executive director of the Jefferson School African American Heritage Center in Charlottesville
• Brian Wimer – Executive Director of the IX Art Park, Charlottesville
Moderator: John Grisham, Author
Challenge and Evaluation Criteria
Submissions should highlight the potential of public art, and the visual arts in general, and contribute to intellectual and reflective conversations in Charlottesville and beyond.

Submissions are encouraged to be visionary, bold and provocative, whether works of architecture, landscape, or sculpture.

Submissions should explore and investigate what common values our community might share and identify with, by living in this place, now.

Submissions must look forward, not back.

Proposals may be constructed of any material or any media.

Regardless of whether proposals are…

static or dynamic

place or object

inert or mechanical

architectural or botanical

temporary or permanent

activated by humans, wind, rain, or solar energy

ephemeral or solid

abstract or figural

… they must be focused on finding common ground, and strive to express the values or identity of this community. As such, they are aspirational.

Beauty is a goal. 100-year life-spans are a goal.
Not permitted: Projects may not be about any particular person or event!

To register, go to: