Art Prison

Sponsor: YAC / Young Architects Competitions
Theme: Conversion of prison to art museum
Location: Fortress of Santa Caterina, Favignana, Italy
Type: student, international, one-stage

11 February 2018 – €75 (Early registration deadline)
11 March 2018 – €100 (Standard registration deadline)
8 April 2018 – €150 (Late registration deadline)
11 April 2018 – Submission deadline

1st Prize – €10,000
2nd Prize – €4,000
3rd Prize – €2,000
Gold mentions (4) €1,000
• Daniel Libeskind, Daniel Libeskind Architects
• João Luís Carrilho da Graça, Architect
• Manuel Aires Mateus, Architect
• Felix Perasso, Snøhetta
• Pietro Ciolino, Italian govt.
• Giuseppe Pagoto, Municipality of Favignana
• Francesca D’Amico, Municipality of Favignana

• Giorgio Palmucci, Italian Industrial Association
• Emanuele Montibeller, Arte Sella
• Fernando Tomasello, Unione Nazionale pro loco Italiane
Sponsored by the municipality of Favignana: how to transform an ancient prison into a treasure chest containing works of art and the creative action of internationally renowned artists and intellectuals? How to transform an ancient fishermen isle into an open-air contemporary art museum?

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