Obama Library Model Presentation in Chicago

Image © Tod Williams and Billie Tsien



According to the Chicago Tribune, there will be a model presentation of the Obama Library on Wednesday, May 4th. The nonprofit Obama Foundation released a few details about Wednesday’s event, including that Mayor Rahm Emanuel , the president’s first White House chief of staff, will be on hand.


The gathering was billed as an event with community leaders. The former president will host a roundtable discussion at the event to give an update on the center and hear directly from community members on their ideas for it, the foundation said.


Husband-and-wife architects Tod Williams and Billie Tsien of New York will also attend Wednesday’s event. The future Presidential Center is expected to open in Jackson Park in 2021 at a cost of at least $500 million.


Tickets to the event are by invitation only.



Shortly after the release of the results of the Obama Library Competition, COMPETITIONS learned that a gag order had been placed on all of the participants in the competition, and that none of the participants were allowed to release their designs. COMPETITIONS approached the Obama Foundation with a request to release the participants from this order, but without success. We are still hoping that the Foundation and President Obama will allow the release of the designs by all of the participants, and that a publication about the competition could be in the offing.