Europan 14 – Productive Cities

Sponsor: Europan Europe

Type: open, anonymous, one-stage

Language: English

Eligibility: EU


19 June 2017 – Deadline for registration

30 June 2017 – Deadline for submissions

1 December 2017 – Results of jury proceedings


First prize – €12,000

Second prize – €6,000

Fees: €150; additional entries by same teams are €50


The ideology of the mixed-city is now shared. But how mixed is actually the mixed-city? In many urban development projects housing is the main program. We add some offices and public amenities, bars and shops to create a “genuine vibrant urban neighborhood”. But one program has been excluded: the productive economy. It has left the city to go to the periphery. There is now in many European cities a spatial and social mismatch between living and working conditions. The city provides high-skilled professionals with many working possibilities while a large part of low-skilled workers live in the city with no work opportunity. This mismatch generates many problems with regard to economy, mobility and sociality. Production should be encouraged in the city, be part of the fabric, it should be seen, connected to shared daily life, nurtured and celebrated.

1- How to integrate some of the production activities in the city –food, energy, services, new industrial products– to enhance relations between citizens?

2- How to live in productive fields and to produce in living environment? How to manage the tensions between production and local life?

3- How to integrate production cycles considering distribution, waste and consumption, encouraging a diversity of (shorter?) cycles in local contexts and articulate them to a larger eco-scale?

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