The Lamborghini Road Monument Competition


    Visualizing Performance and Style


2015 Lamborghini

Participants in the Lamborghini Road Monument competition were challenged to build two architectonic landmarks aimed at marking the entrances of Automobili Lamborghini’s historic plants—two landmarks to celebrate the legend and sculpt in matter the history of speed, power and innovation. In the mind of the client, the challenge was clear:

“How to reflect the character and the values of one of the most renowned and valued brand of the international scenario in an architectonic installation; and architecturally interpret the DNA of one of the most representative brands of the automotive history.” Not only was Automobili Lamborghini ready to offer prize money to the premiated entries totaling €20,000; the firm was also willing to build the winner, with apparently no specific budget in mind.

In the end, Lamborghini decided to award two projects with first prizes, €12,000 to each team, and go ahead with the realization of both installations, assuming that they will become the landmarks of Sant’Agata Bolognese, where Lamborghini’s plants are located.

Symbolically, the choice of color of one of the first place winners, ACQ, was interesting in a historical perspective. Whether intended or not, the traditional color that many associated with the Lamborghini for many years just happened to be yellow. As for other precedents in style, see below.


The jurors were:

  • Patrik Schumacher – Zaha Hadid Architects
  • Fabio Novembre – Studio Novembre
  • Yama Karim – Studio Libeskind
  • Nicola Scaranaro – Foster + Partners
  • Guiseppe Cappochin – C.N.A.P.P.C.
  • Annalisa Trentin – Unibo
  • Stefano Domenicali – Automobili Lamborghini
  • Francesco Dal Co – Casabella


1st Prize (1):

Team: ACQ studio
Members: Alessandro Galastri, Guido Quirici, Nicolò Campanini,
Giacomo Cozzi, Andrea Maltinti

First Prize © ACQ Studio



1st Prize (2):
Team: 0.9
Members: Davide Pontoni, Viola Gurioli



2nd Prize:
Team: FPMG
Members: Francesco Pergetti, Mattia Grilli



3rd Prize:
Team: Casamassima Mazzocchini Notari
Members: Giorgio Notari, Damiano Mazzocchini, Alessio Casamassima




Gold Mentions:
Team: CDA
Members: Chris Dawson, Jan Baros, Klara Konecna, Rob Jones, Ava Helm



Team: Mass & Volume / Architecture, Art & Design Studio
Members: Constantinos Louca, Konstantinos Nikolaou



Given the presence of a jury member from Studio Libeskind, Yama Karim, is it a coincidence that certain entries bear a striking resemblance to one of Daniel Libeskind’s more recent Italian projects? Pictures of Libeskind’s The Crown, a monumental sculpture at Casalgrande Padana in northern Italy, appeared on the cover of the Italian publication, percorsi (below), which is widely distributed among designers in Italy and elsewhere throughout the world.


Image © Casalgrande Padana