Lord Stanley’s Gift Monument Competition



Winning entry: courtesy Lord Stanley’s Gift Monument Public Art Competition


Covit/Nguyen/NORR  (Montréal QC) has won the competition commemorating the Lord Stanley Cup. The winner prevailed over 40 original entries in the competition and eight finalists. The other finalists were:

• Coupland/Leinster/ Mills (Vancouver BC / Toronto, ON)
• Integral Jean Beaudoin + Novalux (Montréal, QC)
• Ja Architecture Studio & Sebastian Errazuriz Studio (Toronto, ON / New York USA)
• Myros Trutiak / Pellettier / vanderGaast (Toronto, ON )
• North Design / Blackwell / Mulvi & Banani (Toronto, ON)
• SPMB/1×1 Architecture (Winnipeg, MB)
• Studio West / Exp. (Cochrane / Calgary, AB).  


According to the sponsor: “The winning design, inspired by the historic, simple silver bowl donated by Lord Stanley of Preston, Canada 6th Governor General in 1892 to recognize the “champion hockey team in the Dominion”, is an elegant 3.45 M high chalice fabricated from silvered aluminum bands, parted to invite visitors to pass through it with framed views to the National War Memorial.”  

The sculpture would rise from a white paved “hockey rink” with imbedded stainless steel lines evoking skate marks and 39 granite discs engraved with the names of the Stanley Cup winners from 1893 to 2017.  A 1.4 M diameter black granite bench in the form of a “hockey puck” would complete the ensemble.
“We believe that this design magnifies and abstracts the Stanley Cup’s original, modest form, giving it a glittering and iconic presence overlooking Confederation Square, the place of the Stanley Cup’s birth”, said George Hunter, LSMMI Chair.  “Our Board found the Covit/Nguyen/ NORR design to be an elegant, contemporary, subtle but extraordinarily powerful tribute to Lord Stanley’s original gift:  the modest cup that grew up to be the world’s most sought after hockey trophy, hockey’s holy grail.”

Beginning in 1924, six more teams were added to the original Canadian teams in the National Hockey League. They were:  Chicago Blackhawks, Detroit Red Wings, Montreal Canadiens, New York Rangers and Toronto Maple Leafs. Now the league has 31 members, 24 in the U.S. and 7 in Canada. -Ed.