The City Above the City

Sponsor: Metsä Wood
Theme: Use of wood in solving the problem of urbanization
Organizer: MGA Architects
Theme: Building on top of the city
Language: English
Fee: None
30 September 2016 – Deadline for submissions
1st Prize: 10,000 €,
Two (s) 2nd Prizes: 5,000 € each
Five (5) 3rd Prizes: 2,000 € each
Design challenge:
Entrants are encouraged to select a centrally-located building in one of the world’s most populated cities and develop an innovative wood design solution that adds density through additional floors. Building additional floors with Kerto® LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) as the primary material is a central requirement for the design work. Preferred cities include London, Berlin, Paris, Washington, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Istanbul and Shanghai.

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