Shore to Core: Visions for a Waterfront City

Sponsors: The Van Alen Institute, City of West Palm Beach
Type: open, international
Fee: None
Language: English
27 July 2016 – Preregistration deadline*
21 August 2016 – Registration and submission deadline

  • In the design competition, two finalist teams will be selected to participate in a three-month design process and receive a $45,000 stipend to develop their work. The winning team will go on to implement a portion of their project.
  • In the research competition, one team will be selected to participate in a three-month research process to develop and implement a pilot study. The research team will receive a $40,000 stipend to develop their work, and a $10,000 stipend to implement their pilot study.


  • Colin Ellard
    Associate Professor, University of Waterloo – Department of Psychology
  • Patrick Franklin
    President and CEO, Urban League of Palm Beach County
  • David van der Leer
    Executive Director, Van Alen Institute
  • Jeri Muoio
    Mayor, City of West Palm Beach
  • Penni Redford
    Sustainability Manager, City of West Palm Beach
  • Terrence Riley
    Principal, K/R
  • Jon Ward
    Executive Director, West Palm Beach Community Redevelopment Agency
  • Lilly Weinberg
    Director of Community Foundations, Knight Foundation
  • Claire Weisz
    Founding Principal, WXY Studio
  • Nancy Wells
    Professor, Cornell University, College of Human Ecology, Design and Environmental Analysis Department

Design Challenge:
Both the design competition and the research competition use West Palm Beach as a model to reimagine our waterfront cities and better understand individuals’ relationships to the built environment.
The design competition seeks two multidisciplinary design teams to envision the future of waterfront cities. The winning design team will work with West Palm Beach Community Redevelopment Agency to develop the first phase of their proposal in West Palm Beach.  The research competition seeks a research team to identify ways that the urban environment affects our minds and bodies. The winning research proposal will be developed into a pilot research study in West Palm Beach.
Shore to Core asks: How can we recreate an urban core so its design is intelligent, flexible, and responsive to the needs of residents and visitors? Many aspects of our lives are shaped by the environments in which we spend our time, and by developing a better understanding of these relationships, we can use design to improve wellbeing in cities.

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