Matthias Sauerbruch of Sauerbruch Hutton (Spring 2008)

The firm of Sauerbruch Hutton migrated to Berlin in 1993 because of a competition. By winning the GSW High-rise buidling competition, they decided it was necessary to open an office in Berlin to see the project through to completion. In terms of architectural expression, their generous use of bright red colors for a facade treatment on a curtain wall buidling represented a milestone breakthrough. Although Le Corbusier had used colors generously on his Unité d’Habitation building in Berlin, that was a brutalist structure with recessed balconies. Thus, this  generous use of color became a frequent trademark of
Louisa Hutton and Mathias Sauerbruch
Sauerbruch Hutton’s architecture. As a German, Matthias Sauerbruch received his first higher degree from the HdK in Berlin. Both he and Louisa received degrees at the Architectural Association (AA) in London, where they opened their own firm in 1989. The following year they won the GSW competition and moved to Berlin.