New SkyRider Competition Cancellation

To the Competition Participants:
First of all, please accept my deep apologies for the situation.
The tendering procedure of New SkyRider International Competition project, conducted by Urban and Rural Development Department, New Taipei City Government (hereinafter referred to as ”Agency”) has been suspended due to the project site, located in the Wenzizhen Redevelopment Zone, cannot be obtained in expected schedule. In the consideration of rights and interests of all sectors and misunderstandings of local people, the Agency has suspended the tendering project starting from 2016/3/31 until the site acquisition problem has been solved; then the Agency will reevaluate the implementation of the tendering procedure.
   I sincerely appreciate your enthusiasm and participation of this project and apologize and understand the loss for the preparation of tendering documents of participants. The Agency will continuously evaluate and promote the New SkyRider project to the whole city and enhance the communication with local people. If the project is resumed in the future, it is hoped that you can continuously support this project.
Ching-Pin Chiu, Director General,
Urban and Rural Development Department
New Taipei City Government