Inter-modal Transportation facility in Manchester, New Hampshire

Organizer: AIANH

Type: Open, emerging professional, one-stage

Eligibility: Open to New England interns and architects within five years of registration

Language: English

Entry fee: None


1st place:    $1,000

2nd place:   $750

3rd place:    $500


8 January 2016 – Deadline for registration and submissions

Jury: AIANH Board of Directors

Design challenge:

The 2016 design competition is a open ideas competition regarding an Inter-modal Transportation facility in Manchester, NH.  This project is seen as both an architectural and planning design challenge (a final building must be realized).

   There are many factors that can and will lead to an ultimate winning design.  As you will see, the program has a handful of obligations needed to meet the challenge, but is then open for interpretation of what the building will need to be successful.  Designers should become familiar with how transportation/inter-modal facilities operate, and propose ideas of how their architectural and planning design would be successful.  

   Designs should first and foremost integrate various forms of transportation conveniently and seamlessly.  The bus and rail systems are the primary modes of transportation the building will be designed and planned for, with other modes such as biking, Segways, taxis, walking, skateboarding, etc. coming secondary.  It will be very important to design around the idea of transportation, and how cars, buses, and people arrive, use the site and building, then depart.

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