Taiwan Taoyuan Airport Terminal 3 International Design Competition (UPDATE: Tender Document now available)

Type: International, RFQ, 2 stage

Location: Taoyuan City, Taiwan

Languages: Chinese, English

Eligibility: Architects licensed in their country of residence, with the exception of mainland China and Macao.

Total Construction Budget: About NT$48.8 billion (approx. US$ 1.626 billion)
Service Fee: About NT$3.548 billion (approx. US$118 million)
21 August, 2015 – Stage One Tender Submission Deadline
26 October, 2015 – Stage Two Tender Submission Deadline

Design Challenge: In response to the rapid growth in passenger volume of Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport and economic activities in the Asia-Pacific region, the Host Entity is actively promoting the construction of Terminal 3, so as to boost service capacity and enhance quality of service. Terminal 3 is located between Terminal 2 and the CAL Park (China Airline Headquarters). The project area is approximately 640,000 square meters. The Million Annual Passengers Processor (2042) of Terminal 3 area is estimated to reach 45 MAP. Buildings to be constructed under the project will comprise Service Roads System, Apron and related Taxiway System, Automatic People Mover (APM), Terminal Access Roads, and related facilities.

The objectives of Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport are to become a large-scale hub airport, serving the aviation market in East Asia. The main design concepts for this project are “Smart, Green, and Culture.” With high efficient operating systems to provide high quality passenger services and transportation function, the project will be developed as a sustainable and intelligent airport, with comprehensive facilities encompassing functions in tourism, shopping, culture, and arts to create new traveling experiences.

This project will be conducted as an international competition. Outstanding design proposals and professional services teams from all over the world are solicited to develop the project.

Tender document download will be available 16 June, 2015.

UPDATE: Tender document available at competition website: http://www.t3.com.tw/en/index.html

Contact Information: T3@mail.taoyuan-airport.com

Competition Coordinator: Barry Cheng (barry-cheng@umail.hinet.net)