Self-Build on a Shoestring Ideas Competition

Sponsor: National Custom & Self Build Association; Grand Designs Live

Type: Open, international, ideas

Location: Cheltenham, UK

Eligiblity: Open to all

Awards: There is a total prize fund of £5,000, which will be distributed by the judges. In addition to identifying an overall winner, the judges reserve the right to also commend other entries. The judges will decide how much to award to each.

Languages: English

Fee: none


18 September 2015 – Submissions deadline

Design Challenge: A unique ideas competition, open to all, where entrants have to design a modular, ultra-flexible self build home that can be easily expanded (or contracted, or even split into two) during the lifetime of its owners. 

Self-Build on a Shoestring wants entrants to design a basic self build module or ‘shell’ that can accommodate a reasonable living space/kitchen/
bathroom and bedroom for (initially) a one or two-person household. This should provide a minimum of 40 sq m. This module must be buildable for no more than £40,000 (ideally it will be significantly less). In addition we want you to show how this can be easily ‘extended’ using other modules – such as bedrooms, bathrooms or other accommodation units.

The site is a typical rural/suburban one and you can assume that there are no complex planning restrictions. It is 15m wide and 30m deep, and is level. See the diagram that provides more information about the site’s orientation, ground conditions, road and services access etc. The site would not be able to accommodate anything more than three stories high, and your designs should indicate how parking for up to four vehicles can be provided.

In the last two Self Build on a Shoestring competitions the winners have both gone on to see their designs progressed on real sites.
Self-Build on a Shoestring hopes to attract widespread media attention for the winners of this competition so that their ideas are adopted too.

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