Colombia’s National Museum of Memory International Design Competition

Sponsor: The National Centre for Historical Memory (NCHM); Colombian Society of Architects

Type: Open, international

Location: Bogota, Colombia

Languages: Spanish


The winner of the competition will be awarded COP 670 million Colombian pesos ($265 000). In addition to the contract for the development of the project, a sum of COP 3.2 billion Colombian pesos ($125 million) will be provided as a fee to develop the project design.

Second Prize will be awarded COP 134 million Colombian pesos ($53 000).
Third Prize will be awarded COP 89 million Colombian pesos ($35 000)

19 June: Registration Deadline
29 July: Reception of Project Proposal Deadline
13 August: Winner Announcement

Design Challenge: The competition will select a proposal for the master plan and the preliminary architectural design of Colombia’s National Museum of Memory, located in the city of Bogota. The National Centre for Historical Memory will sign a contract with the winner of the competition to execute the architectural design, the technical studies, the architectural and technical coordination, and other required activities.

The National Museum of Memory is a project of great urbanistic and political transcendence for Colombia. For this reason, it must integrate a special component formed by sensitive contents, which will put into context and encourage participants to understand those who will inhabit and fill the Museum with life, in particular the victims.

This international competition will award the three best proposals that meet and comply with the requirements to express the memories of what happened and the voices of resistance, while combining through the different areas of the Museum the expectations and demands of the citizens that contribute to the construction of a better country.

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