World War I Memorial Design Competition

Sponsor: WW I Centennial Commission, Washington, DC
Location: Washington, DC, USA
Type: Open, 2 stage
Eligibility: Stage I of this Design Competition is an open, international competition, open to any professionals, university-level students, or any other interested participants who register and pay the required submission fee. A participant may be an individual, a team of individuals, or a firm. Participants in Stage II will be required to have an office located in the United States and a license in architecture or landscape architecture issued by a licensing authority in the United States. Participants who are invited to participate in Stage II who do not hold such a license or U.S. office will be required to associate with a firm or individual who meets these requirements.
Process: The competition will be conducted in two stages. Stage I will be an open call to submit design concepts for the memorial. The Jury will select three to five finalists.
In Stage II, the Participants will evolve their design concepts for the memorial and present their designs to the Jury.
Fee: $100
Awards: Those individuals or teams that are invited to participate in Stage II of this Design Competition become eligible to receive a $25,000 Honorarium. The Honorarium will be paid upon submission of a design concept in accordance with the Mandatory Requirements for Stage II. There is no compensation for Stage I Participants.
21 July 2015 – Stage I design entries due
4 August 2015 – Announcement of selected Stage II participants
2 December 2015 – Stage II design submittals due
20 January 2016 – Announcement of selected design/design team
Jury: The Jury is comprised of individuals representing a broad range of disciplines and including perspective on the military, military history and commemoration, architecture, landscape architecture, urban design and planning, and arts and culture.
Design Challenge: 

Congress has authorized the World War I Centennial Commission to enhance the existing Pershing memorial by constructing on Pershing Park “appropriate sculptural and other commemorative elements, including landscaping.” The objective of this design competition is to transform Pershing Park from a park that happens to contain a memorial to a site that is primarily a national World War I memorial, within a revitalized urban park setting with a distinct sense of place that complements the memorial purpose while attracting visitors, workers, and residents of the District of Columbia.

The memorial should honor and commemorate the service of American forces in World War I with sufficient scale and gravity that the memorial takes its place within the larger network of memorials and monuments situated on and around the National Mall. At the same time, designers should forge functional and perceptual linkages to the pathways, streets, and civic spaces and architectural landmarks around the site. Design and landscape elements should contribute to the park composition and strengthen the park’s relationship to the larger urban context, while complementing, and not detracting from, the meaning of the commemorative elements (whether new or pre-existing) within the site.

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