Tallin Architecture Biennale 2015: Epicentre of Tallinn, Estonia

Sponsor: Estonian Centre of Architecture

Location: Tallinn, Estonia

Type: Open, international, ideas, one stage

Language: English

Eligiblity: Open to all architects and students of architecture.

Entrance Fee: None


1st Prize – €4,000
2nd Prize – €2,000
3rd Prize – €1,000

Submission Deadline: 9 May 2015


Endrik Mand – Chief Architect of Tallinn; representative of Tallinn Urban Planning
Villem Tomiste – representative of Union of Estonian Architects; founder and leader
of Stuudio Tallinn
Winy Maas – director and founder of MVRDV; director of The Why Factory research
institute at Delft University of Technology

Design Challenge:

Tallinn Architecture Biennale (TAB) is an international architecture festival that introduces Estonian architectural culture, deals with current problems in architecture, and looks into the future of the architect’s profession. TAB offers a series of events for top professionals, young starting architects as well as citizens interested in architecture.
The title of TAB 2015 is “Self-Driven City”. This year’s Tallinn Architecture Biennale will study the changes in urban space in the context of the Third Industrial Revolution. The Third Industrial Revolution, or the Digital Revolution, is a concept that focuses on the digitalisation of technologies and the development of network society.
The Third Industrial Revolution is associated with numerous things: decentralisation of the energy market, custom solutions taking the central place in production, the use of information technology in all fields, the Internet of Things, network-based information society etc. It is predicted that urban space will be most influenced by the technology of self-driving cars, which is also the central topic of this year’s TAB vision competition.

For more information, go to: http://media.voog.com/0000/0037/4217/files/TAB2015_Vision_Competition_Brief.pdf