Bauhaus Museum Dessau

Sponsor: Bauhaus Dessau

Type: International, two stage

Location: Dessau, Germany

Languages: English, German

Winner – € 37,000
Second Place – € 25,000
Third Place – € 17,000
Fourth Place – € 11,000
€ 23,000 available for honorable mentions


13 April 2015 – Phase 1 Submission Deadline
31 July 2015 – Phase 2 Submission Deadline


  • Guido Hager, Landscape architect, Zurich
  • Barbara Holzer, Architect, Zurich/Berlin
  • Regine Leibinger, Architect, Berlin
  • Wolfgang Lorch, Architect, Darmstadt
  • Jürgen Mayer H, Architect, Berlin
  • Ralf Niebergall, Architect, Magdeburg
  • Matthias Vollmer, Architect, German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety
  • Frank Assmann, Head of Bauhaus Dessau Foundation Construction Department
  • Sigrid Bias-Engels, Group leader with the State Minister for Culture and Media Affairs
  • Stephan Dorgerloh, Minister of Culture & Education, State of Sachsen-Anhalt
  • Peter Kuras, Lord Mayor of Dessau-Rosslau
  • Claudia Perren, Director of Bauhaus Dessau Foundation
  • Chris Dercon, Director of Tate Modern, London

Design Challenge:

The planned Bauhaus Museum Dessau will for the first time provide the opportunity to present to the public for the long term the outstanding collection of the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation under the best possible conservation conditions. The awarding authority expects a design proposal as a result of the competition procedure which implements the desired qualities and quantities in a functional overall concept within the specified cost and time frames and positioning the Bauhaus convincingly in a contemporary manner.

The planned site for the Bauhaus Museum Dessau is located in the City Park directly in the city centre of Dessau. As co-promoter of the competition, the City of Dessau-Roßlau, is searching for plots, that integrate the Museum building within the landscape architectural situation of the City Park, while respecting the existing qualities and uses.

The spatial program of the new Bauhaus Museum covers a total of 3,500 m2 whereby the exhibition area covers 2,100 m2. The museum and City Park should strengthen and complement each other and enrich the location as a cultural centre.

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