Moscow Riverfront Competition

The Moskva river has formed the basis of the functional and planning

framework for the development of the city of Moscow ever since the ancient

times. Development of the city has always been closely connected to its

location along the shores of the Moskva river, an important transportation route.

At all times, the Moskva river has retained its importance for the city, however,

with time, priorities of functional employment of both the water expanse and its

environment underwent certain transformations. The time has now come to

define up-to-date priorities for the development of waterside areas, with a

proper account taken of the general trends in the development of the new urban

framework and social and economic environment. Changes in the role of the

Moskva river waterside in general, and of its embankments in particular, that

are already in place, support the importance of a general concept of

development of the indicated areas.



Gillespies, London 

Project architects: Strategy Partners Group, Moscow; Planning: John Thompson & Partners, London 

Traffic: Systematica, Mailand

Developer: Cushman & Wakefield



Turenscape, Beijing

Planning: Archpolis Center for Territorial Initiatives, Moscow

Planning consultant: DSK-1, Moscow 



Maxwan architects + urbanists, Rotterdam 

Atrium architectural studio, Moscow

Juurlink en Geluk BNS Stedenbouw en Landschap B.V., Rotterdam



Burgos & Garrido Arquitectos, Madrid 

Citymakers, Moscow 



Ostozhenka, Moscow 



SWA Group, Sausalito, CA