Future Ground, New Orleans – Shortlist

Future Ground is a design competition inviting multidisciplinary teams to generate flexible design and policy strategies to reuse vacant land in New Orleans, transforming abandoned landscapes into resources for the current and future city.

The three finalists teams will receive $15,000 each to participate in a six-month research and design process. Working closely with local stakeholders and national experts, teams will forecast changes in density, demand, and climate over the next half-century in New Orleans, and will tackle the social, economic, and ecological challenges underlying reuse of the most prevalent types of vacant land in the city. The project will produce implementable, replicable solutions that NORA can apply to specific sites citywide, and can help catalyze change in cities around the world.

Finalist Team Lex:

L.Arch.: Jacob Boswell
L.Arch.: Kristi Cheramie
L.Arch.: Mattjis van Maasakkers
sonstige Fachplaner: Jennie Miller

Finalist Team Pad:

DARCH, New York City 
GANSstudio, Brooklyn 
sonstige Fachplaner: LoriAnn Girvan
Universitäten/ Hochschulen: Marc Norman

Finalist Team Stoss:

L.Arch.: Stoss Landscape Urbanism, Boston 
OJT Office of Jonathan Tate, New Orleans 
Stadtplaner: Liz Ogbu
L.Arch.: Ann Yoachim
Verkehrsplaner: Byron Stigge
L.Arch.: Kate Kennen
L.Arch.: Jill Desimini
Projektsteuererin: Teresa Lynch
Investor: Michael Brady