New Taipei Museum of Art Design Competition

Sponsor: Cultural Affairs Department, New Taipei City Government

Location: Taipei, Taiwan

Type: 1 stage, Expression of interest


First prize – project commission
Second prize – NTD $2.5 million
Third prize – NTD $1.5 million
Fourth-sixth place – NTD $1 million each

Submission Deadline: 14 January 2015

Design Challenge: In recent years, the New Taipei City Government and civil societies have focused on building facilities and cultural features to preserve the cultural source of local arts. Since 2008, the plan of building the New Taipei City Museum of Art, which targets are integrating the arts and humanistic resources, intensifying arts and resources network, combining touristic resources and increasing the value and energy of tourism.

The functions of New Taipei Museum of Arts will be exhibition, education, promotion, and collection. Thus, the three missions of NTMoA are:

1. preserving and interpreting resources of new Taipei artists.

2. Honoring excellence of Taipei artists.

3. Promoting new Taipei art.

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