Katus Competition

Sponsor: Katus

Location: Svertingstad Gard, Norway; Ulenurme, Estonia

Type: Open, international, ideas


Development area in Norway:    
I prize 5,000€
II prize 3,500€
III prize 2,000€
Terrace house in Estonia:
I prize 4,000€
II prize 2,500€
III prize 1,500€

Submission Deadline: 26 January 2015

Design Challenge: 

We believe that this is a new way of looking at home construction. Ecological thinking and progressive technological solutions must go hand in hand with innovative architecture. We are collaborating with two well-known prefabricated home manufacturers: Kodumaja Ltd and Nurban Ltd, who have international experience of producing up to 14 storey apartment buildings and homes for hundreds of families.

Why can´t our best architects design progressive and contemporary houses that apply the principles of low cost and fast assembly without forgoing good design? We aim to do just this. Organizing a competition we widen a portfolio of well-thought and precisely designed home solutions, while encouraging our partners to promote contemporary architecture.

Competition has two development areas, first one in Svertingstad Gard, Norway and the second one in Ülenurme in Estonia. Topics are row (terraced) houses and apartment house, in different countries and different contexts.

For more information, go to: katus.eu/competition