+Farm Studio Call for Applications

Sponsor: +Farm

Type: Studio, call for applications

Location: New York State

Eligiblity: Applicants must be enrolled or have successfully completed at least one year of education at the university level or school of higher education, and we recommend that students not be out of school more than 4 years. Selections will be made based on the applicant’s previous work and presentation skills within the realm of art, architecture, design, and fabrication. Knowledge in architecture or construction is not required for this workshop. +FARM encourages a diversity of participants, as their unique experience will add to the complex equation of design.

Application Deadline: 18 April 2014

Design Challenge:

The project for this year’s weeklong intensive design (form), craft (fabrication), and hands-on making (construction) studio is a lightweight self-structuring Performance Pavilion. Participants will be exposed to emerging design, computation, fabrication, and construction practices to build a full scale pavilion to be used during all seasons. Ten applicants selected from an open call will work directly with professional craftsmen, fabricators, architects, digital specialists, and educators. The aim is to investigate matter + materiality as a means of interrogating affects, behaviors, and force in the context of fabrication and construction by exploring analogue and digital techniques for discovering new form-finding performance based architecture.

During the week participants will live in an 1860s house on a 300 acre farm while taking part in a fast-paced hands-on collaborative process. Through, multiple design + work sessions, focused discussions, technical sessions, the group will engage in all aspects of the project including design, fabrication, prototypes construction, and public presentations. The studio will conclude with participants presenting the completed pavilion to the community for a public ribbon cutting and celebration.

The farm straddles a stretch of a long country road, and the performance pavilion will be a permanent structure that must be visible, that stands out from the vast landscape , and be reverent to its surroundings . The Five Sisters Farm is a habitat of versatile ecosystems, and spectacular terrains. Although farming is the predominate program the pavilion seeks to enhance an emerging relationship with secondary user groups such as the local arts community. Public events will be held at the pavilion to foster the relationship with local residents and artists. 

For more information, go to: http://www.plusfarm.org/